Giovani in Crescendo Musica e Canto (english version)


Music and Singing Competition – IX Edition
Pesaro, May 13th 2022 May 28th 2022*

* The award ceremony was postponed to May 28th, due to force majeure. The methods of streaming transmission will be communicated  soon to the participants.

Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini (G. Rossini Symphony Orchestra) with the patronage of the Ministry of Education, University and Research and the Municipality of Pesaro announces the ninth edition of the “Giovani in Crescendo – digital edition 2022” Music Competition.

The goal of the competition is to promote the exchange of musical experiences, in order to provide young participants with an important opportunity for growth as performers, as musicians and, above all, as individuals.

The competition is open to pupils of primary, middle and high schools, music conservatories, private music schools and academies.
Each school will be able to enter pupils in the competition as individuals or as groups. Groups can also have participants who are alumni under the age of twenty-five.
In addition, individuals aged between 6 and 25 also have the chance of entering the competition on their own, without applying through a school if they so choose. During the registration process they will have to pick the Private Music School category as they will be competing there.

The competition is divided into the following categories:
“Primary” – For participants aged between 6 and 11 (included)
“Middle” – For participants aged between 12 and 17 (included)
“High” – For participants aged between 18 and 25 (included)
“Junior Conservatories” – For participants from Conservatories (up to 17 years of age)
“Senior Conservatories” – For participants from Conservatories (between 18 and 25 years of age)
“Junior Private Music Schools” – For participants from Private Music Schools (between 6 and 15 years of age)
“Senior Private Music Schools” – For participants from Private Music Schools (between 16 and 25 years of age)

Each category will also be divided in:
– Soloists and Small Groups (up to 10 participants)
– Large Groups (11 participants or more)

Participants can choose any musical genre. The performances for Soloists and Small Groups must not exceed five minutes. The performances for Large Groups must not exceed ten minutes.
Any unpublished piece entered in the competition must not include offensive remarks towards people, institutions, religions and minorities or slurs of any kind, under penalty of exclusion.

The Jury of the competition will be composed of important artists and will evaluate the videos and decide the award winners. The process will include rating every single video and the award winners will be picked from the highest rated performances after the first and last evaluation, without additional phases to the competition.
The Jury decisions will be unquestionable, unappealable and definitive.
The organizers reserve the right to postpone or cancel the Competition, in the latter case we will refund the foreseen fees, already paid.

The video and audio material may be used for information purposes.
All participating schools will receive a certificate of participation, soloists and small groups will receive a personal participation certificate while large groups will receive a single certificate with the name of the group.
About the video performance: the video of the performance must be sent via the Wetransfer web service. The service provides, once the video is uploaded to the platform, a link that can be used to then download it. This link must be attached to the registration form. We will not accept videos sent through any other service. It is mandatory to specify the registration date for the video in the form, the attached video can’t be a recording older than 2021.

– 1st CLASSIFIED – “Primary”
– 1st CLASSIFIED -“Middle”
– 1st CLASSIFIED -“High”
– 1st CLASSIFIED -“Junior Conservatories”
– 1st CLASSIFIED -“Senior Conservatories”
– 1st CLASSIFIED -“Junior Private Music and Singing Schools”
– 1st CLASSIFIED “Senior Private Music and Singing Schools”

The 1st classified for every category will receive a merit award and their assigned prizes.
The jury reserves the right to assign prizes and mentions to 2nd and 3d classified, where they see fit.
The winning schools will also receive video-lessons concerts from the Rossini Symphony Orchestra, suitable for use as guided listening lessons. Those videos will be sent via email at a later date.

– Ortolani Prize; (only performers who choose to perform with a piece from the repertoire of Riz Ortolani can participate)
– Rossini Award; (only performers who choose to perform with a piece from the repertoire of Gioachino Rossini can participate)
– Symphony Orchestra Rossini Award
– Best unpublished award
– Best instrumental technique award
– Best vocal technique award
– Soloist or chamber ensemble award
– Best orchestra award
– Best choir award
– Best pop music performance

The organization and the realization of the competition require expenses. Therefore it’s requested a small contribution from participants, as indicated below:
€ 20.00 each for soloists;
€ 10.00 each for participants that are part of small and large groups;
The renouncement of participation in the competition does not imply the refund of the fee paid.
Payment of the required fee must be made by bank transfer: Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini – G. Rossini Symphonic Orchestra beneficiary; IBAN: IT 53C0306909606100000067722, Banca Intesa San Paolo Spa C.F 90010660414 P.IVA 01304110412, unique code SUBM70N it is compulsory to specify in the reason for payment: the competition, the name of the school (or of the private participant) and the category with the relative selected section.

How to register:
Registration for the “Giovani in Crescendo – digital edition 2022” competition must take place no later than April 20th 2022 (Extended to May 3rd 2022) by completing the:


The link for the video, as well as the copy of the bank transfer, as well as any other information relevant to the participation to the competition must be given in the registration form and in the form only. The organizing staff will not accept any registration that doesn’t have the pertinent information and annexes on the registration forms or any registration received via different means than the above specified form.
If demonstrable technical problems are found, the organizers reserve the right to accept registrations received after the deadline indicated.

The award ceremony will take place online on May 13th 2022 May 28th 2022. The broadcasting channels will be notified to the participants at a later date.

– Municipality of Pesaro
– Cori & Camilletti publishing house

The head teacher or the manager of private music schools guarantees the organizers that their students and alumni do not violate the rights of third parties with their performance, relieving the organizers from any responsibility; authorize the organizing staff to record audio and video of the piece presented at the event; the use of the biographical information sent upon registration and the image / s of the participant / s, in the interest of the participant, exclusively for promotional purposes related to the event they declare that they are in possession of the releases issued by the parents exercising parental authority for underage participants and that they are in possession of the releases for adult participants.
Participants accept all the clauses of this announcement by signing the form.

– Prof.ssa Rachele Pacifico
– Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini

– Prof.ssa Rachele Pacifico
– Mobile +39.320.7982296 (dalle 14 in poi)
– Phone 0721.580094 (dalle 9.30 alle 14.00)
– E-mail: giovanincrescendo2022[at]
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